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December 2017


Senior Center of Greater Richmond  •  Monthly Newsletter •  Issue 10 Vol. 5

Making the Holidays Work

The holidays can bring back good memories or open old scars.  Many of us have lost family members that were an integral part of our holiday celebrations. Others have lost interest in decorating, cleaning, cooking and entertaining.  Still others don’t have family with whom they can share the holidays. 

If I plan to share a holiday with family, I ask if I can bring a dish.  If they usually say no and if I really want to provide a dish, I will let them know I am bringing my special “Zucchini Loaf” to share. If I don’t really want to bring something for the meal, I may just bring a small jar of pumpkin or apple butter as a hostess gift.  If I cannot do any of these things, I will bring a card or note wishing them a happy holiday or just come with a hug and a smile.

If I don’t have anyone with whom I can share the holiday, I am still going to plan to have a special holiday. I can invite someone over who is in the same boat, alone.  I can find a couple of napkins, a candle or special decoration.  Things don’t need to match, they just need to be festive for you and your guest.  You can have a good conversation, enjoy the meal.

If you can’t do either, treat yourself to a special meal. Watch a movie or listen to music that makes you feel good.  Enjoy being YOU.  You can make your holiday pleasant and satisfying. If you can include another person in the plan, you can enjoy the pleasure of company without a lot of fuss.   Happy Holidays.

Strawberry Street Café Fundraiser

On Dec. 20th at 4pm we will launch an afternoon and evening fundraiser for the Senior Center at the Strawberry Street   Café at 421 Strawberry Street, RVA 23220, in the Fan.  Your purchases for dinner will provide a 15% gift to the Senior Center. Please join us. Call 804-353-3171 for more info.  

New and Renewing Members

Yes, the Senior Center of Greater Richmond welcomed some new and renewal members in October.  New members at BPCC and FBC include: Arnetha Carter, Helen Conner, Cathy Conner, Ralph Gilliam and Gloria Warren. New Members from PPDC include:  Linda Hoepner, Lawrence Jones, and Jean Hawley.  BPCC Renewing members include: Millie McRae, and Dorth and Lucille Edwards.         Thank you !!


South Richmond & Chesterfield To Be Announced

Battery Park Christian Church, (BPCC), 4201 Brook Road, Fellowship Hall, Richmond, VA 23227

Peter Paul Development Center, (PPDC) 1708 N. 22nd St, Richmond, VA 23223

Richmond’s First Baptist Church, (FBC) 2709 Monument Ave, Richmond, VA 23220

Other Activity Addresses:

Brookdale Imperial Plaza (BIP)1717 Bellevue Ave. Richmond VA 23227

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, (StSC) 6000 Grove Ave., Richmond, VA 23226

SwimRVA, 5050 Ridgedale Pkwy., Richmond, VA 23234

Visual Arts Center *(VisArts) 1812 W Main St., Richmond, VA 23220   

VAN Transport, Robinson St. parking lot/FBC, 1 block from church at 2907 Monument Ave.  VA 23220 (Replaces UTURN)

Locations by DAY

FRI:  BPCC, SC/VisArts*

*See schedule

Office Location & Address

4201 Brook Road 23227
     (use Bellevue Office Door with Bell)

P. O. Box 6521, Richmond, VA 23230

Phone:  804-353-3171

Highlights of the Month

The Buffalo Soldiers Legacy  and African American Military History with Trooper George Grady, Sr. on Dec. 1st, 2-3:30pm

Glen Allen Cultural Arts — Choose A Painting or Jewelry Workshop on Wed., Dec. 6th from 10:30-12noon. $12  Optional lunch at O’Charley’s (self-pay).  Meet there or car pool.

Coping with Holiday Memories & Traditions by BSmart Behavioral Health—Bon Secours Dec. 5th, 11am-12noon, BPCC.

Controlling Diabetes Numbers During the Holidays Support Group.  Tues., Dec. 12th 10am, BPCC.

What is Mystery Fiction Anyway? Local Authors Dec. 12th, 2-3pm, BPCC. They will be back once a quarter in 2018 to challenge our minds and writing skills.

Travel Club – Trips to Niagara Falls & Mackinaw Island  with Karen Bryant, Dec. 14th, 1 pm, FBC. Let us know if you have a favorite place you want to see discussed.

Understanding the Levels of Care with ManorCare Dec. 14th, 10am, FBC.

Conversational Spanish Practice with Joan.  Tuesdays and Friday mornings from 9:30 – 12.  Open to the community.

Beginner Bridge Group. Thursdays, 10am, FBC.

Experienced Bridge Group, Fridays, 10am, BPCC.

Holiday Craft Classes— Embellishing Gift Boxes, Dec. 7th, 10am, FBC; Craft Project to Benefit an Adult Day Care, Dec. 7th, 1pm, FBC; Christmas Cards & More Dec. 12th, 11am, BPCC. 

Holiday Movie Day Outing.  We will ride share from BPCC  to a movie on Tuesday Dec, 19th. Self-Pay.  The movie selection will be made at t2pm on Fri., Dec. 12th.

NEW Line Dancing sponsored by United Health Care, Dec. 15th, 3pm, BPCC.

DECEMBER  “Try Us Out” — YOUR Way

“TRY US OUT” and find out more about us on Friday, Dec., 1st at 11am at BPCC. Please register so you can stay for lunch also.  Ask about other “Try us Out Options”  by calling 353-3171. Open to the community.

If this day or date doesn’t work for you, feel free to pick a day of activities and make a reservation to find out more.  Call and ask about our “Try Us Out” Options , 353-3171.

Next Month:  “Try Us Out” Jan. 5th, 11am, BPCC.

News for Active Adults & Seniors

You Can Support YOUR Senior Center

On November 28th, we will celebrate the Senior Center of Greater Richmond by GIVING to the Senior Center.   It is #GIVING TUESDAY.  A Time to say THANK YOU with an added gift that represents what the center means to you. 

Many in RVA celebrate #GivingTuesday by gifting their favorite non-profits on the First Tuesday after Thanksgiving.  

Over the past few years, we have not asked our members or families of our members to gift the center, but we are asking in 2017 and forward.  We are an approved 501c3 non-profit providing activities and opportunities for seniors, please help us build funding for the future of Senior Center of Greater Richmond.  All contributions are tax deductible.

You can donate after Nov/ 15th at 

Questions:  Contact us 804-353-3171

JAZZ Nativity, December 2nd, 4-6pm

Last year we voted this “the best of the Holiday  Season” activities, so we will be there again. Please reserve your seat before we buy the tickets. 

   $10 general admission.  Gayton Baptist Church, 13501 N. Gayton Road, Henrico, VA 23233 Register & pay in advance at the Senior Center. (Share Ride or meet there.)


Happy Birthday

Dec. 1 Cathy Conner
Dec. 8 Colleen Brown
Dec. 8 Mabel Brooks
Dec. 8 Grace Brown
Dec. 9 Gloria Warren
Dec. 10 Hazel Mitchell
Dec. 12 Wilhemina Smart
Dec. 14 Rose Pollard
Dec. 16 Dolena Carter
Dec. 17 Karen Bryant
Dec. 17 Ruth Ellerbee
Dec. 18 Kitty Hanley
Dec. 18 Carol Weaver
Dec. 19 Jerlean Yuille
Dec. 22 Mabel Smithers
Dec. 26 Millie McRae
Dec. 27 Vera Rubis
Dec. 29 Carolyn Comerford


Joan Galimore

Joan Galimore is a member who loves to volunteer and keep busy. Currently she tutors and mentors conversational Spanish, writes a column on some of the activity options in and about the city of Richmond, sends out birthday cards so they arrive on your special day and interviews other members for our “Spotlight on Members” column. Joan is a former nurse and has a lot of natural energy. She loves to challenge herself and others. Thank you for all you do, Joan!

A Riverside Theater Christmas Spectacular—SOLD OUT

Dec.13th.  $90 for members  $100 for guests

Includes a 3-course luncheon, the live show and transportation.  Our mini-coach leaves at 9:30 am. Returns: 5pm.  Park at the ACCA Shriners Temple at 1712 Bellevue Ave. Richmond. VA.

News for Active Adults & Seniors

Member Spotlight
Lessie Reddick

By Joan Galimore

Meet Lessie Reddick. She is a “Georgia Peach”. , born and raised in the heart of Dixie in a small town called Parrott, Georgia. That’s why she makes the best peach cobbler in the whole wide world! A professional cook, she is both an expert baker and cook. Also the typical ”Southern Belle”, she is gracious, friendly and very hospitable. A very giving and selfless person, she will give you the “shirt off her back” if you ask for it. Another southern delicacy she loves is pecans. Maybe, if we are lucky, she will make her famous pecan pie. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Her childhood was less rosy. She has triumphed over many adversities, trials and tribulations. As a result, she has grown into the strong, remarkable person that she is today. Although she doesn’t see herself this way, others close to her admire and appreciate her as she is. Born the oldest of six (6) siblings in the late 1940’s, she has survived the challenges of the cultural climate as well as personal tragedies. Enduring a dysfunctional family unit and a toxic parental relationship, she became the protector of her younger siblings. However, she could not protect her sister Jacqueline, who succumbed from a chronic illness. Afterwards, Lessie became withdrawn and shut-down emotionally.  Today her distinctive giggle hides a storm of emotions that lie below the surface. Now, forever sensitive to the feelings of others, she revels in their joys and cries at their heartbreak.

Growing up with lots of extended family including grandparents, aunts and uncles, they did not offer much help, Instead they presented challenges of a different kind. Fearing danger from within her household as well as from without, she kept to herself. Unable to share her situation with anyone and having to suppress her anger, she became more withdrawn. Even now, she is a “home body”, preferring to stay at home where she feels safe and secure.

Travel Club Explores Niagara Falls & Mackinaw Island

This month the Travel Club will feature trips taken by Karen Bryant to Niagara Falls on the  New York state and Canadian border and Mackinaw Island, Michigan. 

Mackinaw is only 3.8 sq.mi. and is registered as a National Historic Landmark. Niagara Falls boasts breathtaking views and six million cubic feet  of water falling over the crest line every minute!  Don’t miss sharing her adventures.  Dec.14th, 1-3pm, at First Baptist Church, Suite 280. 

More About Our Travel Club

The Senior Center Travel Club shares the experience of travel through picture and story. If you remember a special trip to a West Virginia park or a cruise to Bermuda that YOU would like to share, we would love to hear about it.  Call 804-353-3171

Join Us to Learn About The Buffalo Soldiers Legacy &  African American Military History

The Buffalo Soldiers were created by Congress after the Civil War by establishing two regiments of cavalry composed of African American men.  These two regiments, the 9th and 10th, were activated in Louisiana and Kansas. They conducted campaigns against American Indian tribes, built roads and forts, installed telegraph lines, located water holes and escorted wagon trains. They were also in campaigns in Cuba and Mexico.  When the Army ended the horse cavalry in 1944, their story of action, bravery and honor also ended, 

Today local African Americans celebrate the Buffalo Soldiers and stimulate interest in their history.  They educate others about the role of African Americans in American military history.

On December 1st, Trooper George R. Grady, Sr. will be with us to tell us more about the Buffalo Soldiers.  Trooper Grady is a member of the Ninth and Tenth Horse Cavalry Association and lives in Louisa County.  Dec. 1st at  2:00 pm at Battery Park Christian Church.  All members and the community are invited.

To Register, Call 804-353-3171.

News for Active Adults & Seniors

Senior Center of Greater Richmond
Board of Directors

  • Marilyn H. West, Chairman
  • Missi Boyer
  • Rev. William House, III
  • Valarie A. Jones
  • Bettina Mason
  • Floyd Mays
  • Constance Pryor
  • John A. Rupp
  • Betty Squire
  • Robb Stevenson
  • E. Ayn Welleford, PhD
  • Roland Winston
  • John T (Jay) White, PhD
  • Barbara Wright

Director Senior Center
          Carolyn Comerford


During November and December and  throughout the year, we offer gift certificates for sale that can be purchased as a special Senior Center Gift. 

  • Visit to  JAZZ Nativity in December  $15
  • Casino Trip on April 21st,  $44 members $54 guests
  • $100 towards an unnamed trip in 2018
  • $85  for 2018 membership
  • $100 for selected activities in 2018
  • $500 for membership and selected activities in 2018

Gift certificates will be printed on special paper and delivered in a decorated envelope.  The Certificates will be numbered for authenticity and accepted by the Senior Center of Greater Richmond for any of the designated activities of the member’s choice.  

Senior Center Donors to be Recognized With Love in February 2018

In early 2018, we will hold a special open house for our donors and funding supporters. We would like to share some terrific things that are happening at the Senior Center that donors will want to know about.

News for Active Adults & Seniors

Senior Center Photos

PPDC Members Create Special Masterpieces they can wear. 

Joan's About Town

  • Dec. 01  Holidays & Harps - Cultural Arts Center $
  • Dec. 02  White Christmas; 2 & 7 PM Henrico Theater
  • Dec. 02  Festival Of Trees, Cultural Arts Center FREE
  • Dec. 04 “It’s a Wonderful Life”; 2 PM- Varina Library
  • Dec. 04 Holiday Concert-Henrico Theater. 7:30 FREE
  • Dec. 11 “Elf” movie-Varina Library; 2 pm-501-1980
  • Dec. 09-Jan 9 “Gardenfest of Lights” Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens $
  • Dec. 09 Wreath Making-Meadow Farms; 9-11 AM
  • Dec. 09 “A Charlie Brown Christmas”; 11 & 1 Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center
  • Dec. 09 James River Parade of Lights-Osborne Boat Landing; 4-8 PM
  • Dec. 16 Holiday Lantern Tours-Meadow Farms Museum; 4:30-8:00 PM
  • Dec.    The Jefferson Hotel Tree (A Special Treat)
  • Dec.   Tacky Lights Tours (TNT & Others) $
  • Dec. 27 “The Nightmare Before Christmas” movie Varina Library; 2 PM

PPDC adds a bit of color to create Orange Bingo in OctoberCaption

Barbara W.’s Ceramic Jewelry

Jan A., VisArts Instructor and Sue N. after ceramic jewelry classes.


News for Active Adults & Seniors

The Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center Exhibits and An  Jewelry or Painting Class

We have some art and craft aficionados in our membership who will want to sign up for either the Jewelry or the Painting Class to be held at the Cultural Arts Center on Wed., Dec. 6th.  You can choose the class and will be able to select other classes when we visit in the future.

Choose the painting or the jewelry class.  Both  will run from 10:30am — 12 noon.   You can meet us at the Cultural Arts Center or arrange to share a ride from BPCC. at 9:45 am.  

After the class, we will meet at O’Charley’s in Glen Allen (on free pie day)  for a self pay lunch (9900 Brook Road).

Classes are $12 per person, payable in advance to the Senior Center. 

Arrive early at the Cultural Arts Center to enjoy the gift shop and exhibits. 

 Call 804-353-3171 for information.

SCGR Member Fitness Testing Starting in December

Senior Fitness Testing will be held on Tuesday, Dec., 5th, from 1:15 pm to 3pm by appointment at BPCC (in the 1st floor Great Room). Cynthia Thomas Rustin will be conducting the testing for members. Testing will take about 20 minutes.  Sign up in person or by phone/email in advance.

Additional testing will be held on Fri., Dec. 15th from 1pm to 2pm for those who cannot be tested on the 5th. 

Please plan to participate so you can set great goals for yourself.

PPDC members will be tested in 2018

News for Active Adults & Seniors

Our Community Projects

  • Project Preschool Books provides books for toddlers through preschool in English or Spanish  for kids that need more preschool learning.  Bring your new or slightly used/clean books to the center by December 1 for distribution through Family Lifeline.
  • PROJECT Let’s Do It!  Undefined in October this Member’s Project  should be on our schedule in November.  See Dec 1st and Dec 15th.   Additional work spots will be available every day at Battery Park Christian Church. Call 353-3171 for the latest on this community project.

Center Holiday Potluck Celebration

All partner locations will come together for a Holiday Celebration on Friday, Dec. 8th from 10am to 1:30pm. There will be singing, good food, and fellowship. 

Please see your coordinator to  finalize your food contribution to bring for our meal. We will need appetizers, sides and   desserts.

Potlucks are always a favorite and well attended. 

If you cannot bring a dish, a $10 donation toward the main course will be appreciated.





    Great Programs Continue . . .

    Weight Management Group will meet on Dec. 15th, 11am at  BPCC. Create your own plan; we support you.

    BPCC Birthday Celebration  On  Dec. 19th, our last day before the holiday vacations, we will enjoy a quick and easy lunch and celebrate December birthdays.  

    Members Holiday Movie Outing; members will meet at lunch on Dec. 15th at 2pm at BPCC to decide which movie the members will attend on Dec. 19th for Holiday Movie Outing.

    Exercise Options Everywhere

    Exercise at each location!  

    10 Free Exercise Workshops:  

    • Mondays: 8am BPCC Balance & Strength Workout;   See also St. Stephens below $.
    • Tuesdays: 1pm BPCC Ageless Grace ;
    • Tuesdays: PPDC 10:30am Chair Yoga 11am Zumba
    • Thursdays-PPDC: 10:30am  Chair Exercise
    • Thursdays-SwimRVA:  10am Line Dancing, 11am Chair Exercise, 12:30pm Aquatics Exercise.
    • Thursdays-FBC; 11:30am Wellness Workout
    • Fridays: 1pm Wellness Workout, NEW 3pm Line Dance BPCC (1 Friday each month) 

    All of the above are FREE to members.

    Mondays at St. Stephens 11am.Chair Yoga is $5,

    And Now We Have Line Dancing!!!

    Sponsored by United Health Care, Line Dancing, will be held on Friday, December 15th from  2-3pm.  Join us for a lot of fun. 

    Celebrate Seniorhood! —It is Great!

    News for Active Adults & Seniors

    Thank YOU

    The Senior Center of Greater Richmond appreciates the generous support of:

    ACECF (Altria Companies Employees Community Fund)

    Genworth Foundation         Dominion Energy

    Senior Connections, the Capital Area Agency on Aging

    Our Hosts and Partners

    Battery Park Christian Church hosts Tuesday and Friday programs in the Northside

    Peter Paul Development Center hosts seniors in the Church Hill community

    Richmond’s First Baptist Church hosts programs in the Museum District on Thursdays

    The Arbors hosts in South Richmond on Mondays

    And the Visual Arts Center of Richmond and SwimRVA

    A Special Thank You to our Board of Directors.

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