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November 2017

Member Primetime News

for Active Adults & Seniors

Senior Center of Greater Richmond  •  Monthly Newsletter •  Issue 10 Vol. 5

Movement Between Senior Center Locations Increases

Where were you introduced to the Senior Center of Greater Richmond? Was it at Peter Paul Development Center in Church Hill or at the First Baptist Church at Monument and Boulevard. Today, we have a virtual center and meet in partner locations. Where you decide to go may be determined by your program interests or where you live.

We are seeing a big increase in member participation at one or more centers. When you can move from one location on Thursday to another on Friday, you can expand your program choices and increase the benefits of your activities. You brain may benefit from learning a new language, your body may benefit from another exercise class and you may add a new friend to your network by the time you finish making your next pair of earrings. Not only are you driving safely in a new neighborhood and possibly over a new route, but you are interacting with new people and learning lots of new things.

So when you go to BPCC and FBC and occasionally visit PPDC or the Arbors as well, you are creating a healthy mix of activities. We are a regional center. You are part of a regional organization. Take advantage of it!. Go Regional!

New Members Join — Others Renew

The Senior Center of Greater Richmond welcomed some new members in September and a few members back as they renewed. In fact we have broken the 200 member mark again with 208 active members. New members include: Denise Dixon, Lawrence Jones, Linda Hoepner and Jean Hawley have recently joined at our East Center at PPDC. New members at BPCC and FBC include: Allielove Davis, Beverly Lee, Gheri Hines, Vergie Archie, Dorothy Moals, Jim Proffitt

Highlights of the Month (Nov 2017)

  • Mystery Writers: What Writing Conferences Book Festivals Offer You. Cabernet Authors Nov. 28th, 2-3pm, BPCC
  • Medicare Changes. State Corporation Commission, Bureau of Insurance. Nov. 17th. 11-12pm. BPCC
  • About the GRTC CareVan. Nov.14th,11-12am, BPCC
  • Honey Bees & Their Importance. Nov.9th, 1-2:30pm, FBC
  • Senior Life Planning—Mistakes Other Seniors Have Made Discussion. Nov.21st, 2-3pm, BPCC
  • Preventing Medicare Fraud & Upcoming Changes. Senior Medicare Patrol, Nov. 2nd, 10:30-11:30am, OR Nov. 21st, 10:30—12pm, BPCC History of Thanksgiving. Nov. 30th, 1-3pm, BPCC
  • Travel Club – New Zealand. w/Laura Foussekis, Oct. 19th, 1-3pm, FBC
  • The Buffalo Soldiers. Trooper George Grady on African American Military History. Dec. 1st, 2-3 pm, BPCC
  • How Change Affects Older Adults. Nov. 7th, 11-12 am, BPCC. Keep your mind sharp and emotionally healthy.
  • Smart Budgeting for Seasonal Gift Giving. with Ann Manalo Financial Consultant, Nov. 28th 11-12pm, BPCC.
  • Conversational Spanish Workshop Series. $$ Nov. 3rd, & 10th, from 2-3 pm, at BPCC. Series Fee $40 for members and $50 for non-members. Ask us about our “Spanish Club”, Dec. 1st, 10-11am. Open to the community.
  • Portion Control w/ the Aetna Team. Nov.10th, 11-12pm, BPCC
  • Medicare Changes. Pat Mayfield from Humana, Nov. 17th , 2-3pm, BPCC
  • Canasta with Kitty Nov. 3rd at 2-3pm, BPCC.
  • Beginner Bridge Group. Thursdays, 10am, FBC.
  • Medicare Changes Q & A. United Health Care, Nov.20th, 11-12pm, The Arbors
  • Craft Classes—Jewelry, Nov. 6th 10-11am, The Arbors;
  • Thanksgiving Day Cards. Nov. 2nd, 1-2;30pm, BPCC
  • Photography Club. Taking Great Pictures. Nov. 30th, 10-11:30am, FBC
  • Senior Movie Day with United Health Care in partnership with the Senior Center of Greater Richmond presents Movie

News for Active Adults & Seniors

ACECF Awards $15,000 Grant to the Senior Center

ACECF, the Altria Companies Employee Community Fund, awarded the Senior Center of Greater Richmond a $15,000 grant which has allowed us to bring quality programs to our members in North Chesterfield and South Richmond, Richmond, Henrico and other nearby counties. This fund is supported by the employees of Altria companies and is awarded by them to qualifying organizations. Thank you!

Senior Center at Peter Paul Development Center (PPDC)East

East End Community Field Day
The seniors at PPDC participated in The East End Community Day recently held on the grounds of PPDC. Pictured are seniors Nellie Mitchell and Dorothy Ward who staffed the Senior’s Table at this event that attracted more than 400 persons.

Joan’s About Town

These opportunities are local and identified by Joan Galimore.  Athough they are not on the Senior Center Calendar, they area available and you can go forth and have fun. Don’t miss out on possibilities!   -- Joan G.
Nov. 1 Nuestras Historias: Latinos in Richmond.


Members of the Senior Center of Greater Richmond are celebrating their birthdays:

Nov. 3rd Irene Jackson, Arlizzie Vance
Nov. 4th Charis Harris, Pearlena Hill, Jim Proffitt
Nov. 11th Maria Ubiles
Nov. 13th Barbara Brown, Nellie Mitchell
Nov. 15th Minnie Carey
Nov. 16th Barbarann Butler
Nov. 18th Jacqueline Horton, Sally Hurdle
Nov. 20th Allielove Davis
Nov. 21st Bonnie Garrett
Nov. 25th Wade Brown, Sr.
Nov. 28th Beverly Laverne Williams
Nov. 29th Carrie Leach
Nov. 30st Dorothy Almond

Spotlight On Our Advertisers

TNT Transportation, has been providing transportation to seniors in the Richmond area and to the Senior Center of Greater Richmond for years.  Recently they have expanded their support by placing an ad in this newsletter.  TNT provides non- emergency medical transportation for senior adults, individuals with special needs and individuals in wheelchairs.


Sharon Brewer

Sharon has been our Ageless Grace instructor at the Senior Center since 2014, the year she was the face of Active Aging through the Age Wave Coalition.  Recently, Sharon volunteered as our public relations liaison.  She has arranged for TV appearances for the Senior Center on CBS 6 and on NBC 12 for our Joy of Wellness and Senior Safety Day events.   Soon she will help us enhance our presence on TV, Radio and the internet with program publicity.

Member Spotlight

An Interview by Joan Galimore

This interview involves a member who would like to remain anonymous.  We won’t have names or pictures but a few of you may see a friend.

Those who recognize this depiction will know she is highly favored and honored. She is special as the keeper of old world charm and proper etiquette. She exudes conservatism and confidence. By setting the highest standards of lady-like behavior, she models by her character. She is petite and daintily clad in crisp white blouses and colorful skirts worn below the knee, of course. Her hair and make-up are impeccably done. It is as if her mother ingrained in her the values of being a lady and to respect herself. She can still hear her mother’s voice saying, “proper young ladies never wear pants or skirts above the knee. Always wear your gloves and carry your purse when going out in public. How are you going to find a nice young man to marry looking like that? Put on your stockings and heels. Never wear red. It is too flashy. “Remember, you are representing our good family name.” Even now, she carries herself with dignity and aplomb.

Her parents emigrated from Greece because their property was confiscated during the war. Her father would have had to become a soldier or a prisoner of war. Instead, he chose to come to the United States where he could find work in factories in Richmond.  Although he spoke little English, he eventually operated a restaurant on Second Street in downtown Richmond. Finding new friends at the Greek Orthodox Church, the family thrived.

Born in Richmond on December 27th (what a Christmas present for her parents) she was the third of four children. Surrounded by her family, her childhood was full of love and joy. Upon graduating from Thomas Jefferson igh School, she fell in love and eloped with her high school sweetheart. During her childhood, the whole family spoke Greek at home. She is still fluent in the Greek language. Although she taught Greek to her children, they rarely speak it anymore. 

 -- Joan Galimore

All About the GRTC CareVan

A representative from the GRTC will be available to discuss who is eligible to ride the CareVan in Richmond and Henrico, how to use it effectively and what benefits it offers seniors.  She will also bring official forms which can be completed to start the process of getting a CareVan ID.   Don’t miss this opportunity to find out more detailed info on CareVan Services. Nov. 14th at 11am.  Battery Park Christian Church (4201 Brook Road)

Medicare Changes and More

(Open to the community)

October 15th to December 7th is the open season for making changes in your Medicare insurance plan choices, You can change the plan, the company, the prescription portion, etc.  Due to the number of important changes in 2018, we have invited the State Corporation Commission (SCC) to discuss the general changes and provide a booklet that compares all the Virginia insurance plans. Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) will also discuss some of the changes.  We will also have numerous opportunities for you to meet with various insurance companies to compare what they offer and how they can meet your needs. By date the choices are: 

  • 11/2 Thursday 10:30—11:30am. SMP Medicare Changes & Medicare Fraud Prevention, FBC.
  • 11/7 Tuesday 2-3pm. Medicare BINGO: United Insurance,  BPCC
  • 11/10 Friday 1-3pm.  Aetna Insurance visits BPCC.
  • 11/17 Friday, 11am-12pm.  SCC Bureau of Insurance at BPCC. All plans comparison.
  • 11/17 Friday, 2pm-3pm,  Humana Insurance, BPCC.  Available 12 noon-2pm.
  • 11/20 Monday 11-12am, Medicare Changes with United Insurance, The Arbors.
  • 11/21 Tuesday 10:30am-12pm, SMP.  Medicare Changes & Fraud Prevention, BPCC

Travel Club Explores New Zealand

Laura Foussekis will join us again with her travel adventures on Thursday at 1pm at FBC with tales of her recent trip to New Zealand with her husband George.   Laura and George love to travel and she enjoys sharing her trips and the possibilities of each of the places she visits from Belize to China and now to New Zealand. 

Nov 16th at 1pm at First Baptist Church (1-3pm) in Suite 280. 

If You Have a Travel Story  to Share,

Call 804-353-3171

News for Active Adults & Seniors

Senior Center of Greater Richmond
Board of Directors

  • Marilyn H. West, Chairman
  • Missi Boyer
  • Rev. William House, III
  • Valarie A. Jones
  • Bettina Mason
  • Floyd Mays
  • Constance Pryor
  • John A. Rupp
  • Betty Squire
  • Robb Stevenson
  • E. Ayn Welleford, PhD
  • Roland Winston
  • John T (Jay) White, PhD
  • Barbara Wright

Director Senior Center

      Carolyn Comerford

The Senior Center in Pictures

Enjoying Thanksgiving Festival at Berkeley Plantation

Enjoying Thanksgiving Festival at
     Berkeley Plantation

Carolyn and Vera

Carolyn & Vera

chickahominy dancer

Chickahominy dancer



News for Active Adults & Seniors

Upcoming Day Trips

A few seats remain for our Maryland Live Casino Trip

Saturday, October 28th

Maryland Live,a well-known casino in Hanover, MD., provides both gambling and shopping opportunities.  The casino has 150,000 sq. ft. of gaming action. When you arrive, you get $20 on your casino card. After you use that and spend some more, you will be able to get your second $20 bonus. Dead line for Reservations: OCT. 11th.

Or if you love shopping, Ann Arundel Mills Mall is just a few feet away.  It’s Maryland’s largest outlet and retail destination,  so there is something for everyone. 

We leave from Battery Park Christian Church at 7:30am and will return about 6pm (4201 Brook Rd, Richmond, VA 23227). Arrive by 7:10am so we can be ready to leave at 7:30am. No Cancellations.  Replacements accepted.   

Cost:   $44 for a  Senior Center Member

$54 for Guests or Non-Members   

Go with Us to Berkley Plantation for their Thanksgiving Festival

On November 5th, we will ride share to Berkeley Plantation to enjoy the re-enactment of the First Official English Thanksgiving in the New World.   You can enjoy you choice of food from available vendors (self-pay), purchase crafts, watch Chickahominy Dancers or take an optional tour of the plantation house $11 seniors.  We will meet near the re-enactment area when we arrive to reserve seats between 12:30 and 1:30.   A locally produced PBS documentary on the event will be on sale.  

12602 Harrison Landing Road. Charles City, VA.   Walking involved.  Comfortable and closed shoes recommended. 

No admission to the event, but there is a $10 parking fee.  Car pooling suggested.

Contact us for info:  804-353-3171. It’s fun!

WWII D-Day Memorial Trip to Bedford, VA

On November 15th, we will take a trip to the Bedford National D-Day Memorial.  There we can take a tour or stroll this Blue Ridge Mountain site on our own to learn about June 6th, 1944, the turning point in WWII. The small town of Bedford lost many of its own young men that day on the beaches of Normandy, so we will have a short driving tour of Bedford before we enjoy a self-pay lunch at 1pm at the Old Liberty Station.  After a leisurely lunch we will return to Richmond by 5pm. 

We leave at 8:15am from the ACCA Shriners Temple parking area (1712 Bellevue Ave, Richmond 23227). (All should arrive about 7:45am.  We return at 5pm.  No cancellations. Replacements accepted.  Veterans will get $2 off. 

Cost:   $46 for a  Senior Center Member

$56 for Guests or Non-Members          Contact us for a  reservation form .  804-353-3171                   Ask a veteran to go with you!


“A Christmas Spectacular” at Riverside Dinner Theater in Fredericksburg

On Wednesday December 13th, we will celebrate the holidays at the Riverside Theater with a chef prepared multicourse dinner and a stage show extraordinaire.  This trip includes your Mini Coach trip to Riverside, your dinner and the stage show for only $90 for members and $100 for guests.  Only a few tickets remain.

Limited tickets were reserved.  Call for a reservation form. We leave promptly at 9:30am from the ACCA Shriners Temple Parking Lot at 1712 Bellevue Av. And return about 5pm. 

Contact Us for a reservation form:

Ask us about our trips in 2018 to Ireland and Costa Rica.   Seats are available.


News for Active Adults & Seniors

Visual Arts:  Stained Glass
6 Wk. Workshop Series 

(Nov. 3rd—Dec. 15th)

Have you ever wanted to create a stained glass masterpiece?  You can, with our partnership with the Richmond Visual Arts Center’s Studio S program.  In this six week series you will create YOUR masterpiece and take it home and hang it up.  We have folks who love this medium so the class will fill quickly.  We can take 12 students at various levels of skill/experience.  If you are experienced, you will be ready to go on day one and if you are not, you will be ready to get started on day one. 

Open to new and experienced Senior Center members this is a very popular class.   (If you are not a member, you may want to TRY US OUT and see if it is something you want to would like...its worth a visit to the Senior Center).

Held at the Richmond Visual Arts Center at 1812 W. Main Street in Richmond.  Accessible by CareVan or Bus.  Parking Available.

FREE program. Limit 12. Call 804-353-317 to register in advance for this series.  Don’t Miss!


Buffalo Soldiers Legacy

The Buffalo Soldiers were created by Congress after the Civil War by Congress, establishing two regiments of cavalry composed of African American men.  These two regiments, the 9th and 10th, were activated in Louisiana and Kansas. The conduct campaigns again American Indian tribes, build roads and forts, install telegraph lines, locate water holes and escort wagon trains. They were also in campaigns in Cuba and Mexico.  When the Army ended the horse cavalry in 1944, their story of action, bravery and honor also ended, 

Today local African Americans across the country celebrate the Buffalo Soldiers, stimulate interest in their history and educate Americans about the role of African Americans in the military history of the United States. 

On December 1st, Trooper George R. Grady, Sr. will be with us to tell us more about the Buffalo Soldiers.  Trooper Grady is a member of the Ninth and Tenth Horse Cavalry Association and lives in Louisa County.  Dec. 1st at 1:45 pm at Battery Park Christian Church.  All members and the community are invited with pre-registration. 

To Register, Call 804-353-3171.

News for Active Adults & Seniors

Add Fall Veggies and Fruits for Taste & Nutrients

Fall squash, pumpkin, apples, pears and sweet potatoes can add so much flavor and nutrients to our fall and winter meals.    Cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower and brussels sprouts can add cancer fighting compounds and some great taste to a fall meal.  The squash family brings on taste and texture with color that means you are getting great nutrients, from vitamin A to potassium.  Fiber abounds which can lower cholesterol. 

Look at our website to see more about:

Brussels Sprouts, Canned Pumpkin, Apples, Pears, Butternut Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Pomegranates, Spaghetti, Cauliflower, Turnips and more.

Our Community Projects

Project Preschool Books provides books for toddlers through preschool in English or Spanish  for kids that need more preschool learning.  Bring your new or slightly used/clean books to the center by December 1 for distribution through Family Lifeline. 

PROJECT Let’s Do It!  Undefined in late September this Member’s Project  should be on our schedule in late October and November.  See Nov. 3rd and Nov. 17th.  Additional work spots will be available every day at Battery Park Christian Church.  Call 353-3171 for the latest on this community project.

November Try Us Out — YOUR Way

“TRY US OUT” and find out more about us on Friday, November 3rd at 11am at BPCC  as our guest. Please register so you can stay for lunch also.  Ask about other “Try us Out Options”. 353-3171. Open to the community.

Next “Try Us Out” Fri. Dec. 1, 11am, BPCC.

Great Programs Continue

Cooking with Sequoia. “Stuffed Fall Vegatables, Overflowing with Stuffing” Dec. 1st, 2-3 pm, BPCC

Weight Management Group will meet on Nov. 10th at BPCC at 2pm. Create your own plan; we support you.

Monthly Diabetes Support Group—Battery Park CC, Tuesday, Nov. 14th at10am. Bring your questions and concerns to find out how to maintain wellness and enjoy good health with diabetes or the risk of diabetes. Open to members and community. 

Pot Luck Lunch. On Nov. 17th  we will have a pot luck lunch.  Members make sure to sign up with your “dish to share” (to feed 6 to 8 people).  Choose a Main Dish, Casserole or Vegetable. Only a few Desserts are needed.  Sign up at BPCC on your return activity sign-up sheet, by email or by phone.

Members Meeting with the Director, Carolyn Comerford, will meet with members on Nov. 14th at 2pm at BPCC. Lots of information.  The place to share ideas.

Exercise Options Everywhere

We offer 9 or more Exercise Workshops most weeks:

Mondays: The Arbors (1st & 3rd) Ageless Grace Chair 10am; BPCC Workout 8am; Tuesdays:  Ageless Grace Chair 1pm BPCC; Yoga 10:30am PPDC; Thursdays:  Line Dancing – Chair Exercise – Aquatics Exercise, SWIM RVA in No. Chesterfield; Wellness Workout 11:30am FBC; Chair Exercise 10:30am PPDC. Fridays: Senior Wellness Workout 1pm BPCC:  All FREE  to members.

Chair Yoga is $5 on Mondays 11am. St. Stephens Church.

⇨ Line Dance at BPCC in December .

News for Active Adults & Seniors

Thank YOU

The Senior Center of Greater Richmond appreciates the generous support of:

ACECF (Altria Companies Employees Community Fund)

Genworth Foundation         Dominion Energy

Senior Connections, the Capital Area Agency on Aging

Our Hosts and Partners

Battery Park Christian Church hosts Tuesday and Friday programs in the Northside

Peter Paul Development Center hosts seniors in the Church Hill community

Richmond’s First Baptist Church hosts programs in the Museum District on Thursdays

The Arbors hosts in South Richmond on Mondays

And the Visual Arts Center of Richmond and SwimRVA

A Special Thank You to our Board of Directors.

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