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June 2017

Senior Safety Day

Our 3rd Annual Senior Safety Day on July 20th will be held at Richmond's First Baptist Church (Monument and Boulevard.) This event is a partnership between our Senior Center, the Office of the Attorney General Mark Herring and First Baptist. Last year we had more than 300 attendees attending workshops, winning prizes, eating a great lunch and meeting people with resources and services for seniors. This year, we will introduce some new topics, lots of new sponsors, vendors and resources and a number of new seniors from Richmond and surrounding counties. Our EVENT sponsor will be Dominion Energy Share. We will be announcing other sponsors and vendors later in June and on our website.

At the event we will hear a lot about Living Safely in Our Homes. Each participant will choose workshops or presentations of their choice for the event from list including: Emergency Planning, Safeguards Against Identity Theft, Driving Safely, Reducing Clutter, Community & Regional Resources, Protecting Your Electronic Devices, and more. Since we expect seniors of all ages, some working, some retired and most enjoying their "Senior Hood" to the fullest, we will be providing lunch, lots of vendors, resources and giving you opportunities to make some new connections. Join us for ideas, challenges, prizes and more.

Register for this fun event by: Email: SeniorCenterRVAatgmail [dot] com ( SeniorCenterRVAatgmail [dot] com) Phone: 804-353-3171

On line:

Try us out!!! If you would like to know more about the Senior Center you can "Try Us Out", just by registering in advance for an activity at our Northside location: Battery Park Christian Church at 4201 Brook Road. A special "Try Us Out" presentation will be held on Friday, June 2nd at 11am. Please call to register for the presentation and join us for lunch. 804-353-3171. If this doesn't work for you, call to find out other ways you can "Try Us Out."

JULY 14TH Hampton Fishing Trip. Make Reservation with a check ($68 members $78 non-members) to reserve a seat.

New Orleans Trip in 2017

October 2017, join several of Senior Center members on this exciting trip to the Jazz Capital of the World, New Orleans. This 5-day trip will both guide us through the city and let us savor its flavor. The trip includes planned meals at world-famous restaurants, a stay in a famous hotel in the French Quarter and a cooking class. Free time, activities and optional side activities are also available. Members get a "Travel Bonus". Find out more by calling 353-3171.

NEW In June

"Let's Consider" is a new program that will bring discussion to 3 important and newsworthy issues every other month. On June 1st at 10:30 am at First Baptist Church we will be looking at timely topics of concern for Richmond and surrounding central Virginia areas.

Summer Movie Fun at First Baptist Church June 1st at 12:30 pm. Starting during lunch, we will be viewing the highly acclaimed award winning film "Slumdog Millionaire."

"Impact of Change on Older Adults" Support Group. On June 6th at 11am, the BSmart Behavioral Health Team will conduct this support group that addresses the effects of change on us as we age. Find out how change can disrupt health, cause extra stress, inhibit sleeping and generally make you feel unwell. BPCC

GAMES for Alzheimer's $ will be a day of fun and luck! We will play games for a token fee and half of the pot at the end of the day will be donated to the Alzheimer's Association Tuesday June 6th, 1:45 pm.

"American Women" is a continuing series from Sue Nelson. On June 29th, Sue will be introducing us to Rachael Carson, known as the mother of the modern Environmental Science and the first scientist to connect the dangers of DDT to disruptive health issues. First Baptist Church, Suite 280, at 1pm. Every month a different American Woman is featured. Do you have someone you would like featured?

Rachael Carson, known as the mother of the modern Environmental Science and the first scientist to connect the dangers of DDT to disruptive health issues. First Baptist Church, Suite 280, at 1pm. Every month a different American Woman is featured. Do you have someone you would like featured?

Senior Life Planning Series continues. On June 20th Join us to participate in a facilitated workshop on "5 Wishes Your Family Will Want to Know You May Want." There is a $2 charge for the personal workbook to take home which will make the entire process simpler. Also open to community. At 1:45 pm at BPCC.

Crafts: Sculpty with Linda Rubin at First Baptist Church on June 22nd at 10 am. She will be conducting a class on sculptured bookmarks made out of clay using jumbo paperclips. The designs are adorable and perfect for little gifts for friends or family. Watercolor Painting with Gabriella Pepe will be featured on the morning of June 20th from 10-12 am. at Battery Park Christian Church. Folding Decorative Napkins will be featured as a craft class at FBC on June 29th at 10 am.

June's HEALTHY YOU will address "Health Issues that Affect Your Driving" at 11 am at Brookdale Imperial Plaza Auditorium presented by Haley Glynn of the Mid-Atlantic AAA Foundation for Safety & Education. Reservations are required. Please call 353-3171 or submit your activities form.

NEW Discussions: June 18th 1 pm at FBC: "File of Life - What is Needed & Why" and June 15th at 1 pm, "Get the Nitty Gritty - Vitamins & Supplements." "Navigating the Rules of Travel" More on Meds, Shots, & Papers with Gaby will be held on June 16th at BPCC at 1:45 pm. A must for anyone traveling domestically or internationally this summer.

"All About Therapies" will be presented by HealthSouth. Sheila Stells will facilitate this program on June 15th at 10am at First Baptist Church. "Stroke and Heart Attack Awareness and the Differences" will also be presented by HealthSouth at Battery Park Christian Church at 1:45 pm on Tuesday June 27th.

TRIVIA will be included twice in June's calendar. On Friday June 9th at BPCC we will have a Trivia Contest "You can win a prize" and on Tuesday, June 13th at 1:45 pm you can participate in our "Hollywood Movies that We Love" Discussion and Trivia Contest, hosted by our own Glenda Bland.

Summer Dress Up: ClothesMentor will share 2017 summer/colors/trends/accessories June 30th1:45pm BPCC

Popular Activities Continue

Exercise at all locations more than 8 times each week. Weight Management Group will meet on June 23rd at BPCC at 1:45 pm. You make the choices and we support your plan.

Travel Club - Panama Canal, Central America and Costa Rica will be discussed on June 22nd at FBC at 1 pm. This is a must attend for anyone planning on going to the Caribbean this year or on our 2018 Costa Rica Trip.

Members Meeting with the Director, Carolyn Comerford, will be June 16th at 11 am BPCC. Lots of information is shared in these meetings, and opportunities for volunteering at future events will be discussed.

Diabetes Support continues on Tuesday, June 13th 10am at Battery Park CC and each month at Peter Paul Development Center. This month we will be having a special visit from a Doctor. Bring your questions and concerns to find out how to maintain wellness and good health even with Diabetes or the risk of Diabetes. At risk individuals can avoid diabetes, find out how! Contact us for info, open to members and community.

Integrated Healing Program and Massages with Lisa will continue 1:45pm at BPCC on Friday June 23rd. Massages are $1 per minute but you must register.

Pot Luck Lunch. On June 20th, we will have a pot luck. Make sure to sign up with your dish to share (feeding 6 to 8 people). Choose a Main Dish, Casserole or Vegetable. Only a few Desserts are needed. Sign up at BPCC on your return activity sign-up sheet, by email or by phone.

Our Conversational Spanish Club continues to use Spanish as often as possible with practice sessions and games on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10am. On Friday, June 2ndth, Lisa Zajur will refresh and increase your conversational skills $. Celebrate your new language skills and come join us.

Investing Club. 5 Things You Need to Know with Ann Manalo. June 27th at 11am. Battery Park CC

June Birthdays

Members of the Senior Center of Greater Richmond are celebrating their birthdays:

June 1 Irene Braxton Pittman

June 6  Marcella Price

June 7 Pauline Cooper

June 8  Millie Hill

June 9  Jan Atkinson

June 11 Johnnie Marguerite Boyd

June 13 David Lafler

June 18 Delmore Walker


June 20 Virgie Paulette Lee Archie

June 21 Elizabeth Albrecht

June 23 Celestine Taylor

June 24 Dorothy Ward

June 25 Mabel Toler

June 26 Peggy Wiles

June 27 Christine Cooper

June 30 Margaret Goodwin


Joan's About Town in JUNE

June 19 "Juneteenth Festival" A Freedom Celebration - 644-3900 Dogwood Dell Festival of Arts
June 1-4th 41st Annual Greek Festival St.Constantine&HelenGreekOrthCathedral 358-5996 Try Takeout
June 3rd Ashland Strawberry Faire Randolph-Macon College, 204 Henry Street, Ashland, VA 23005 Phone 804-617-5655 (ASF); Free, family friendly arts and crafts ;
June 4th Broad Appetit 100-400 West Broad St, 305-0601:
2nd Sunday "Music in the Park" Forest Hill Park, RVA: Stone House @ Forest Hill; June 11th, 6 PM
Month Long Friday Cheers - Brown's Island: 788-6466
Historic Canal Cruises, Kanawha Canal River Basin, RVA

Yves Saint Laurent Collection & Mellon Jewelry Collection at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

On June 14th we will be meeting for lunch (on your own) at the Best Cafe at the VMFA from 11:30-12:30 pm. Upon arriving at the cafe, we will each purchase our own $18 ticket for the Yves St. Laurent self-guided tour. This collection features over 100 examples of haute couture & ready to wear garments - some never shown publicly before. The Mellon Jewelry Collection, a free self-guided tour that will be closing two days from our visit. We may, if you are inclined, visit both collections that afternoon.

CAT Theatre Show - "The Green Bathroom

"The church ladies have never been able to figure out what is causing the horrible smell in the ladies' lounge."

We will be gathering at Battery Park Christian Church after lunch on Friday, June 9th no later than 1:00 pm to travel by member shared cars to the CAT Theatre at 319 N. Wilkinson Road, 23227, (which is nearby) for the play "The Green Bathroom." The tickets are $10 and need to be paid to the office as soon as possible. There will be NO Exercise in the afternoon on June 9th.

Tricycle's Sequoia is Back for A Cooking Class

Sequoia Ross was one of our favorite presenter at the Joy of Wellness in April. On June 30th s from 10:30 to 12 noon she will be back for a cooking class. The menu will use local ingredients and feature Good Carb Multi Grain Waffles with Almond Butter drizzle and Raspberry Orange Sunrises, a beverage.

Thank YOU

To Our Joy of Wellness Vendors:
Van Go Transportation - CareMore - Dominion Resources - HealthSouth - JenCare Riverside PACE - Senior Connections - SMP Program - Clear Captions

Advertisers: BrightStar Care -In our NEW Newsletter coming in September

Event Sponsor of our Senior Safety Day on July 20th 2017: Dominion Energy Share

Our Board and Officers for Their Dedication and Support

And a Special Thank You to Genworth Foundation for a recent $5000 Grant!

And our Hosts and Sponsors:

  • Senior Center of Greater Richmond appreciates the generous support of:
  • Bon Secours Health System
  • ACECF (Altria Companies Employees Community Fund)
  • Genworth Financial
  • Peter Paul Development Center host seniors from the Church Hill community.
  • Senior Connections, the Capital Area Agency on Aging
  • Battery Park Christian Church, our host, for our Tuesday and Friday programs
  • Brookdale Imperial Plaza hosting our Healthy YOU Seminars
  • First Baptist Church hosting programs on Thursday
  • The Arbors hosting programs in South Richmond on Mondays

Thank you to all of our members who support our center with love, donations and participation.

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