Senior Center of Greater Richmond

Creating Opportunities for Healthy Aging Through Social Engagement

September Birthdays

Members of the Senior Center of Greater Richmond are celebrating their birthdays:

Sept 2 Earnest Jean Hudson
Sept 3 Gladys Reynolds
Sept 3 Yvonne Tunstall
Sept 5 Ellen Vann
Sept 9 Jane Mikolajczyk
Sept 14 Ruth Morgan
Sept 17 Donna Marie Moore
Sept 17 Jackie Presley
Sept 17 Mary Jo Presley
Sept 18 Tejuana Patterson
Sept 18 Ulyana Pekar
Sept 21 Dorth Edwards
Sept 22 Margo Lee
Sept 25 Myra Isaacs
Sept 27 Harold Moss
Sept 28 Rosalind Epps
Sept 29 Lenora Taylor
Sept 30 Gail Robinson

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