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New and Different On our Schedule

This month, we have added some new activities, listed below. Times and location addresses are listed on our schedule, only the location and date is listed here as a reference. For registrations or information contact us at 804-353-3171 or SeniorCenterRVAatgmail [dot] com. Register by mail, in person at a site, on line or by phone/email. 

NEW Stained Glass at the Visual Arts Center. A six week series on Stained Glass for Beginners and Intermediates at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond starting on 9/9 (10 to 12). Limited to 12. Registrations a must. 804- 353-3171

Chickahominy Indian Tribe Pow Wow, Saturday, September 24th. The Grand Entry of participating Indian Tribes is scheduled for 12 noon and the event opens at 10am. Bring your own folding chairs for comfort. We will have a van going leaving at 11am that is limited to 10 riders going to the Chickahominy Tribal Grounds in Charles City County. We encourage ride sharing. No charge for the event. Food will be available ($) at the Pow Wow. The van leaves from Battery Park Christian Church at 11am and leave the event at 4pm arriving in Richmond about 5pm. The van is $20 for a minimum and maximum of 10. First come, first serve with reservations.

Introduction to Self Defense on September 30th. Members and new members who attend this class will be able to sign up for additional Self Defense classes at Battery Park Christian Church in October. Don't miss this. Self Confidence can be improved with some concrete knowledge of self-defense.

Medicare 101 will be held at most of our locations in September to prepare us for the annual Medicare Supplemental, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D window of opportunity and change. Cornerstone Senior Services will present this information which includes changes in policies and coverage that will impact our Medical supplemental choices. If you have a supplemental or advantage policy now, there can be changes that will take effect after this period of information gathering in both or both of your drug and supplemental or advantage policies. You can make changes during this window but not after it closes.

Computer Training will be offered on a limited basis at some locations. These classes will be small. You must be able to bring a laptop or electronic device to use for the class and you must attend classes for which you register. The cost of the class will be split by the students in the class and the Senior Center. This month we will start with a class on Computer Email which applies to a smart phone, tablet and computer users. Up to 6 folks can take the class by registering with the office and agreeing to split the cost of the class which will be discussed in person. An additional class on Getting the Most from Your Smart Phone will be limited to those who own a smart phone and agree to attend and split the cost of the class. Members are asked to identify their needs and we will set up a class. If enough folks are interested, we will schedule other classes at a convenient location for each group of 4 to 6 members. Occasionally one laptop or tablet can be made available for those who have a desktop computer at home and cannot bring it in.

Discussions and More are offered this month for folks who want to explore & discuss. Fida Shah will hold an informal discussion about his work with Humanitarian Crises in different parts of the world (9/15). Our Prime Timers Forum Group (9/20) will talk about subjects that are on their mind and on the minds of others in the discussion group. Men at the Senior Center will meet with Barry Green (9/16) to talk about program activities that they would like to see included on our schedule.

A Knitting Group with Sue Nelson (9/27) will work on a scarf pattern of their choice (one of several beginner or intermediate designs). The Crochet Group is preparing to work (9/16) on a patriotic lap robe project.

Heart Attacks and Strokes will be the focus of our next Healthy YOU on September 28th . Health South will present information on what we can do to prevent these life threatening events and what needs to be done, if it happens to one of us or a loved one.

Bon Secours Successful Aging Forum (all 50 tickets have been assigned and the event is sold out).

Making Smoothies. BPCC (9/23) Join Cynthia Thomas Rustin to learn how to make high nutrition smoothies that can make weight control or just life a little easier.

Record Retention for Smart Seniors. FBC (9/22) What records do you need to keep and for how long. An easy way to organize records. Ann Manelo will lead this workshop at First Baptist.

Weight Management (9/9), Diabetes Group(9/13) and Bridge Development(9/16, 9/23 & 9/30) groups and the Travel Club (9/6) continue to meet on a monthly basis.

Scrapbooking with Jacqueline. 9/20. In this workshop you can create a scrapbook page with your own Photos(if you bring some) or work on some creative greeting cards.


Submitted by Peggy Ross (not verified) on

I'm new to area and want to explore what you have to offer I need handicap access

Carolyn Comerford's picture
Submitted by Carolyn Comerford on

All of our current activity locations are accessible.  Please contact me directly at 803-353-3171 for more specific site information.  WE are a virtual center meeting in host or partner locations in the Richmond Region.  A specific entrance would be used at each location to assure full accessibility.  

Carolyn Comerford, Director, 353-3171

SeniorCenterRVAatgmail [dot] com


Carolyn Comerford

Senior Center of Greater Richmond
804-353-3171 office
SeniorCenterRVAatgmail [dot] com

Submitted by linda emden (not verified) on

my mom is new to this area. she moved here from calif and would like to try out the senior center. she drives her own car and is interested in crochet, learning how to use her smart phone and lap top and trips. she is 83 years old and wants to meet other people in this area. Her name is Nancie Murakami and her number is 510-501-2040. She lives in Henrico with my sister. My name is Linda and my number is 518-844-5129. Would love to help my mom find some friends here. Thank You

Carolyn Comerford's picture
Submitted by Carolyn Comerford on

Thanks for your inquiries.  I believe we have already communicated and you know your mother is welcome to come by and try us out.  Just have her register by phone or email and come.  On Friday of this week, we will have a class on making Smoothies followed by lunch at Battery Park Christian Church.  Next Thursday we will have a presentation on Center activities called Try Us Out at First Baptist Church.  Join us to meet members, learn how we are set up and have lunch as our guest, just register in advance on line, by phone or email.  .

Next week we will also start a Knitting group which should be fun, we would love to have you join us, any time. 

Carolyn Comerford, Director

Senior Center of Greater Richmond   804-316-3476, SeniorCenterRVAatgmail [dot] com or on line at


Carolyn Comerford

Senior Center of Greater Richmond
804-353-3171 office
SeniorCenterRVAatgmail [dot] com

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