Senior Center of Greater Richmond

Creating Opportunities for Healthy Aging Through Social Engagement

New SCGR Members

In December Mary Thomas joined the Regional Center and enjoyed a trip to the Governor's Mansion; Selena Greer came out to "Try Us Out" and joined us for several events.   Chris Stout enjoyed our venture to Urbanna and finalized her membership this month.  All of these new members are excited about our travel and local events activities and are looking forward to seeing our new travel options.  We welcome them to the Senior Center of Greater Richmond.

What brings a member to the Senior Center of Greater Richmond?  It can be photography, Spanish classes, exercise, a health and wellness presentation, a trip, a need to meet new people or just to have something to do on Tuesday, Monday or Friday. Who do you know that would benefit from some of the opportunities we offer? Find out more about Referral Perks. Spread the word. Senior Center of Greater Richmond is GROWING!

Follow new members from the Regional Center and from the East Center at Peter Paul in this column next month

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Program Locations

See our Calender of Events for event dates, times and locations

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Battery Park Fellowship Hall is a wonderful and versatile space for our Tuesday and Thursday programs.  Located at 4201 Brook Road, the church is at the corner of Brook and Bellevue.  The...

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Corner of Monument and the Boulevard. Parking is available on the street or in a parking lot available from Mulberry St.

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First Baptist Church is a historic Baptist church in Richmond

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meets on Tuesdays and Thursday and occasionally on Wednesdays