Senior Center Of Greater Richmond

Creating Opportunities for Healthy Aging Through Social Engagement
Access to "FREE" legal counsleor is offered to Senior Center members on the 4th Thursday of month.     Senior Center members may sign up to meet with a an attorney  to review Wills, Power of Attorney, etc.

Various home healthcare organizations have partnered with Senior Center and serve as a resource/referral for Senior Center members and family.

Senior Center of Greater Richmond is opening its memberships to new members who want to meet, learn, play games, exercise, enjoy crafts, line dancing, Tai Chi or water aerobics, enjoy our community and be healthy.   “Being As Healthy As YOU Can Be” is KEY to Enjoying Your Senior Years. Join us now for $25 for the remainder of 2014.

Senior Center of Greater Richmond, Inc. is an IRS designated 501(c)(3) public charity committed to serving senior adults in the greater Richmond Virginia community.  The Center provides programs, services and activities that enhance the wellness and quality of life of senior adults.

It is that time of year again to renew your membership with the Senior Center of Greater Richmond, Inc. Unlike many other things your annual membership fees will remain the same at $85.00. Encourage your family and friends to join during the month of January and their membership fees is $42.50.

The Senior Center of Greater Richmond, Inc. serves as a meeting place for active senior adults age 50 and older who are interested in educational, social and physical activities. These activities are designed to help senior adults maintain independence and remain physically and emotionally healthy. The Senior Center of Greater Richmond is a...

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As a senior, an older adult, a Vintage Virginian, YOU know that growing older can present challenges.  You have probably noticed that the numbers of seniors in Virginia and the world is also growing, swelling and creating a bit of a “wave”.  That has been a good thing.  New attention has been drawn to the needs and the preferences of older...

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November arrives with leaves changing colors and floating to the ground and ends with a celebration of the bounty of our lives.   It even allows us to appreciate where we are in life.  We are finally out of our teens; we’ve moved through our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and most of us are through a 50’s and still moving.  This year each of us has learned...

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This month we honored the work of many, the tenacity of a core group and the birthday of the Senior Center of Greater Richmond, a Regional Senior Center.  What is now our regional center, started in 1959 and it lives, transformed in 2014, 55 years old and more active every day.  We are being recognized for our beginning, our history and what...

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